Thursday, January 30, 2014

Early Ideation

Visual Research! For more check out my Pinterest

Color studies and foliage. Structures and assets. The why behind the set.

"This environment is a peak into a moment in time—both nostalgic and fantastic. This space exists warped in the veil of memory—imagination merged with fact to create the magic within."

Visual elements. Shape studies. What can I make a zoetrope out of? Maybe a Dumbo ride, the Mad Hatter Teacups, or a ferris wheel. What if the ferris wheel wasn't a zoetrope, but something really eclectic/eccentric—if all of the seats were different (like a bird cage, an umbrella, a park bench, a flower, or a fish bowl)?  

Early studies. Rough layout. Foliage. Lighting. The little details (ideas for cast parts)

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